Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Road to Hell is Paved With Runs Like These

My runs have been as sporadic as my blogging this week. It's not that I'm going through a period of low-motivation, I actually DO want to get out there and run. Work has been C*R*A*Z*Y, but knowing what I had on my schedule, I really did try to make every effort to work in my runs.

I had to travel into Bakersfield for work a few days this week. Bakersfield is a charming farming community pretty much out in the middle of nowhere in Central California. While I usually enjoy going out to the central valley for work, I was not looking forward to being away from my normal routine with a half marathon looming in my near future.

My first night in Bakersfield the hotel gym looked like this:

10x10 Cell. Literally.
I shortened my workout to 4 out of 5 miles in these dismal conditions before breaking myself out of this prison.

The second half of my stay in Bakersfield, I upgraded my hotel and was HAPPY to find myself running in this gym:

 Even with the nicer gym, I was pretty worn out from working 18 hour days. That and the fact that I'd lingered a little too long at the hotel bar at night kept me from being able to fully complete the 5 mile tempo and 5 mile easy runs on my schedule. I did 4 miles one day and 3 miles the next, both at easy 10 min pace.

Honestly, running like this does nothing to make me better/stronger/faster. Boo.

I'm back home now and looking forward to a 5 miler today and a 9-mile long run on Saturday. And looking forward to blogging about it once they're in the books!


  1. Kudos to you for fitting in a run on such a long work day! Some days I find it hard to make it to the gym on an 8 hour work day!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following along! :) Good luck with my giveaway!

  2. Hotel bars and running, no good can come from that combination! ;)

  3. I can certainly see why you'd want to cut the run short in that first gym. Travel+work is so tiring - great job getting in sume runs!

  4. good job for getting out there and using that hotel gym! :)

  5. major props for hitting up the gym while out of town! that first one did look like a cell, girl! I probably would have played my "get out of jail free" card on that one!

    Good luck on your 9 miler this weekend! =)