Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Face-Saving Whittier 5K Race Recap

This past Saturday I ran a local 5K in Whittier with my big Bro and BD.

It was the City's inaugural 5K and wowow, did they do it up right! Very well organized and for only $25 we got all this:
1. Plenty of free parking within 30 yards of the start line
2. Well marked course with volunteers directing & cheering us on every few feet.

3. At least two water stations that I noticed, again with tons of volunteers. (I always carry my own water)
4. DJ pumping jams at a couple points along the way
5. A choice between flush toilets inside the community center or portapotties outside
6. A yogurt, banana, bagel, orange wedges, bottled water and Monster drink at the finish line
7. FANTASTIC tech shirts and pretty cool swag bag. Contents were better than some of the more expensive races I've entered.

8. a free pancake breakfast!
Friends we bumped into while having pancakes.
I could go on and on. This was a phenomenally well organized event. Kudos to the race organizers and the volunteers who made it a great event. I will absolutely, positively do this one again next year and bring an even bigger posse.

A picture of my big Bro, BD, me and another friend who we bumped into before the race. Bro and the friend were 5K virgins. I let them know they would be disappointed at the attention to detail at the next 5K they enter since this one was so great.

BD was banditing the race

The one and only criticism that I have of course is that there was no adherance to race etiquette with slower runners/walkers moving to the back of the pack.  There were all sorts of families with little ones lined up at the front and while I have no illusions of placing, I still want to get a good time. Weaving past the walkers is not conducive to a PR.

And now the Face-Saving part of this recap:

Back in August BD and I entered into a 5K together in Historic Filipintotown. This was BD's first 5K ever for which he trained about 2 weeks prior. Long story short, he beat me in that race and though I was a gracious loser, I was certainly burned up about being beat. I'm the more experienced runner after all.

Truth be told, I had him all along in Filipinotown but right at the finish line I spotted the race photographer and ran over in his direction to make sure I got a good pic. That's when BD made his move and whipped past me. He beat me by literally 2 seconds. Vanity will get you every time...

Fast forward to the Whitter 5K. Not only did I PR, I had a great PR! AND I BEAT BD! Crushed him with a 28:39 and 9:13 pace. His time was 29 and change. I finished almost an entire minute ahead of BD. Woo hoo!!! (Yeah, I'm a gracious loser, but maybe not so much a gracious winner.)

We are now registered for a third tie-breaking 5K event also in Whittier in less than 3 weeks. I'm confident the best man I will win.



  1. You crack me up! I have had so many bad race pics that I literally have started practicing running trying to look halfway pretty (in facial expression - not with make-up or hair - haha).

    You are going to kick his booty in the tie-breaker without a doubt!

    I love when the little races show the big races up! Looks like this was a VERY wonderful 5K! Yay!!! Congrats on your PR!!!

  2. Man, that was a good deal! Don't dust him too bad, a man's got to have some pride now. ;)

    You're right, I do keep finding great places to run. Honestly, I just never knew about all of the stuff Raleigh had to offer. Granted, some of it new, but I wasn't looking either. I am actually starting to enjoy living here . . . never really liked it all that much before.

    As for the Raiders . . . I've suffered a lot with them, but my faith has remained solid. I feel like they are strating to reward me. We will see this week!

  3. You are a racing machine! I've run NOTHING since LB, hahahaha! Great job on your 5K PR and I hope you kick BD's booty in 3 weeks!

    I'm excited you'll be at so many of the races I'll be at! And HOORAY for LA being your first full! I'm excited to follow your training for it!

  4. Good Job, what a great city Whittier is to have such an awesome race. The pancakes looked delicious. If anything I'd run a race for those