Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Check Check Check

Last week I downloaded the Runners World iPhone app to help me train for my upcoming half marathon in December. It's the free version so there aren't a lot of bells and whistles. If I end up liking this training program I will probably break down and spend the whopping $0.99 (dang, I'm that tight?) for the upgrade but for now, this is working fine.

How fine? Monday I was scheduled for an easy 4 miles at 11:16 pace (I did a 10min pace) 4 miles, CHECK.

Tuesday I had a rest and/or cross day. Since there was an option, I chose to REST. Rest, CHECK. And since Tuesday was also El Dia de los Muertos, we drove over to Olvera Street to celebrate the dead.
The Puff and I with a couple of Un-Deads
I'd wear that too if I had her boobs.
Some altars. I offered to make BD one but he passed. Soon enough I guess, bwah ha ha ha.

And today, Wednesday, the schedule called for a 5 Mile tempo. Warm up for the first mile, then three miles at a 9:39 pace then a cool down mile. Mile one I took it slow and worked out the ache in my arches and knees. I kicked up the speed going into mile 2 and was feeling pretty good. But at the end of mile 2 I started to struggle. Finishing mile 3 seemed to take forever and I thought about calling it quits but I knew how I would feel if I didn't do the complete set: like crap. I wouldn't get to say CHECK on this day's workout. So I pushed through the negative talk and finished all 3 tempos, then the last cool down mile at a 5.3 pace and of course felt AWESOME once I was done. 5 mile tempo run, CHECK.

Tomorrow's run is an easy 4 mile (already saying CHECK in my head), then rest and/or cross on Friday. They really shouldn't give me the option to REST--I'll always opt for doing nothing. Satuday is my first long run since the Long Beach Half Marathon. They're making me do 8 miles.

Isn't it funny how some weeks a single mile is just impossible but other weeks 4,5, 6 miles is like a walk down the block? Running is so mental!

One week into the Runner's World app and so far I'd say it's working for me personally. It allows you to enter the race distance you're training for, the date of the race, your long run day of the week & your personal training level. It then comes up with a schedule for each week up to your race date. It keeps me motivated because I'm anal in that sense that like ticking off each day's run. BUT I wish that there were features to log my workouts and add my own notes about the how, when and where of each day's training. Maybe that will come if I fork out the $0.99 for the upgrade.

I hope your week is going well and you're getting all your training in. Happy running!


  1. Yay for Dia de los Muertos! If we lived closer to LA, Olvera Street sounds like a fun way to celebrate. My daughter was so excited about it but we were busy and couldn't do anything :(

    Tempo runs are cool. When you're in the middle of one, it can feel tougher than it is. I read also about a variation on a tempo run, so instead of going from, let's say a 10:30 pace for Mile 1 then straight to a 9:15 pace for 2-4, you'd go from like 10:30 for mile 1 to a 10:00 on mile 2 and then during mile 3 get up to 9:15 and hold it there for a few minutes and then go back down for Mile 4 and 5 or however long your running it. I think that makes it seem easier but it's just as tough.

    I do my tempo runs on the treadmill mostly, because I can control the speed. Otherwise I'm all over the place.

    Way to get your tempo run in!

  2. haha! you are a lot like me! rest or cross train? rest please!

    good luck on your 8 on Saturday!

    oh...clam chowder isn't weird to most people - just to me cuz I'm a fruit loop like that! =P

    for the pumpkin chili recipe, click on the colored words on my blog post - it will take you to that recipe! it was tasty!

  3. Irene,

    the running club is awesome! I am hooked already! The guy that I was trying to keep up with was about 150 lbs smaller than me, so I was pretty pleased to just hang with him. Some people try to win their age group at a race, but I am out to win my weight class! And, since I check in at near 275 lbs, the competititon is pretty . . . . (Wait for it) . . . THIN! ;)

    I need something like that app to help me as well, I had been mainly doing a lot of conditioning classes at my local Y, but since I've started to run more, my classes have dropped off. I need to get that back in balance a bit. It will be easier after the time change. It is just too dark to get up at 4 am right now!