Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Careful What You Wish For

So, I've been trying to spice up my long runs lately. There is a lot of cool scenery around here that I haven't explored much since I started running, which is too bad as I keep reading that running is the BEST way to take in the scenery. Two weeks ago I took my long run to Santa Monica and that was exactly the kind of scene I'd been hoping to find.

For yesterday's 9 mile run I headed just south of Santa Monica, to the Venice boardwalk to see what I could see. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

I started out at one end of the boardwalk and saw pretty much what I expected. Street people, tourists, running groups & Harry Perry

I ran my first 4 miles through Venice up to the Sta Monica pier and back down again. On my way back down the boardwalk, the medical marijuana clinics were now open and hoping for my business. Honestly, a middle aged woman in her late 30's out for a Saturday morning run--do you really think I'm your demographic? Maybe I'm naive. Or just need a moment to think about what really ails me.

After my second pass-through on the boardwalk the G-man said I was only at about 6 miles so I headed over to the canals to run the narrow path that winds around and through this super cute neighborhood.

Venice, CA was supposed to be a copy of Venice, Italy, but this is as far as that plan was carried out. Still a very serene neighborhood, and the bridges provided some nice mini-hill work. Finally, as I was finishing up my 9 miles through the neighborhood, I happened upon this scene:

Another runner had found a body in the canal earlier that morning. Yikes. It reminded me of the post the Onion once ran about joggers constantly discovering violent crime vicitms. I was just glad I hadn't been the one to find it first.

After this, I think next weekend's long run will be through Disneyland...nothing bad ever happens there, right LB?

Despite stumbling upon the disturbing crime scene in progress, my run overall felt pretty great and I inadvertently hit exactly the pace my SmartCoach had asked, 11:19/mi. I have been slacking on my speedwork so I am not expecting or even secretly hoping for a PR for the LA County Half Marathon on December 12th, but I'm confident I'm ready for a half once I've done a 9 mile long run.

Next week, my SmartCoach training has me doing:
Monday: 5 mile easy run
Tuesday: REST
Wednesday: 6 mile tempo run (this might be tough)
Thursday: 4 mile easy run (I'll be hitting a turkey trot for sure)
Friday: REST
Saturday: 9 mile long run at 11:16 pace

Any turkey trots on your schedule this week? Don't you just love those?


  1. Oh my goodness! I'd be freaked out running upon a crime scene involving a body! Yikes.
    I have an 8k Autumnfest on Thanksgiving morning. fun stuff!

  2. I would definitely recommend running Disneyland. Worst that could happen would be maybe having to deal with crowds. Would rather do that than come up to a body like that. Scary.

    On Thanksgiving I'm running 10 miles with my running group. It's a tradition for the group but it'll be just my second Thanksgiving run. 10 miles will help me not feel as guilty when I go in for thirds later that day :)

  3. Dead body, wow! I can't say that I ever want to come across that when I am running! I don't even like all of the roadkill that I see around here.

    As for a Turkey Trot, I picked up my pre-race packet yesterday. This will be my first and my first 8k. Afterward, I plan to eat myself into a coma!

  4. What a neat area to run in. Scary about the runner though! Just stumbled on your blog, I'm a follower now!!

  5. Great pictures until the last few. Yikes! Just started following you. I have a half on 12/12 too--good luck!

  6. Wow, that is scary! Luckily the worst I've come across is road kill and a rabid raccoon!