Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stripped Naked

Yesterday, while at church, my car was broken into in the parking lot and my wallet stolen. Likely the theives knew once I'd entered the building, you know, to praise God and all, they would have a good solid hour to to rape my vehicle and thrash my possesions.

All the crap I hide in the center consoles was dumped onto the seats and rifled through and then left there (emergency tampons & pads, cigarettes that I was really REALLY holding for a friend) to embarass me in front of the police who came to take a report. Yes, Officer, I left my purse in in plain sight. Yes, Officer, I probably left the doors unlocked. Yes, Officer I am a dumbass.

Driver's license, money, credit cards, are all replaceable. What isn't replaceable however, is my innocence, my naivete, my trust in human kind. WTF was I thinking? I live in LA for crying out loud. I chuckle condescendingly at people in small towns who leave their car keys in their car outside their house, who go to bed and leave their front doors unlocked, who know all their neighbors, their librarian, their grocery clerk by name. Who wants to live like that? Well, hmmm, maybe I do afterall.

What an odd feeling to not have a credit card, driver's license, nothing to confirm my identity. Nothing to prove that I exist as a productive member of society, an active stimulator of the local ecomony. No money for the donut shop to buy the Puff a treat like we do sometimes after church. I felt like I'd been stripped naked...except being naked doesn't even bother me as much as this did.

To add salt to my wound, this morning while the feeling of being invaded was still fresh on my psyche, I had no choice but to forgo my early morning run on the Greenway trail. I couldn't bring myself to leave my car unattended in an empty parking lot. Certainly thieves would know if they saw me leave my car and start running they'd have at least however long the average runner runs to do their dirty work.

So this morning I drove to the gym instead, parked right in sight of the front doors, locked and double checked the doors, shlepped what's left of my valuables (Blackberry & laptop-I go straight to work after my runs) into the gym with me and begrudgingly jumped on the treadmill for a 3-mile recovery run.

They won't get the better of me though. I'll be back on the trail again soon, with trusty Gunther the Garmin monitoring my progress. I'll be hyper-vigilant going forward. Never park at the same point twice in a row. Or maybe I will and keep 'em guessing. I'll run in a loop back and forth past my car and maybe even remember to lock the doors this time.

But now I want to know: What do you do with purses/wallets & other valuables in your car when you drive yourself to your running trail?

And to all you thieves out there: KARMIC RETRIBUTION IS A MO'F

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