Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Keep On Keeping On

Sep 30, 2010 8:34 PM

Wednesday's cross day was looking to be a big DNF but luckily the Puff was willing to be bribed to go to the Kid's Club with me last night and I did a great strength class. I love it when my world is working with me.

Today was week 4 of the Yasso's and I'm proud to report they are DONE. 7 Yasso's down and a whole week to forget about the sweat and tears. I overslept again today (surprise surprise) so I hit the gym to get them done. Because I was using the mill and not the track, I came up with a super sophisticated system to remember which Yasso I was on:

It looks something like this _ _ / _}_ /_ _}/_ _/}_ _/_ }_/_ _} The 2 horizontal lines each represent a lap, together a half mile or 1 Yasso run in 4:30 (9min per mile pace), the slash is a recovery lap and the squiggly line marked each mile. So I knew that at exactly 5 miles I would have finished 7 Yasso's. I know, super stupid, but it worked. Small minds...

Truthfully, I do like this Yasso business and I'm looking forward to finishing them up in the next few weeks. I had an epiphany of miraculous proportions today while I was running that once I was finished this series, I could always start over again at a faster pace. I'll say it again, samll minds...

Working up a sweat 5 days a week whether it's running or crosstraining is just so physically gratifying. There have been numerous times over the past few years that I've fallen off the exercise wagon. There have been times when I didn't put on a sports bra for weeks at a time. I'm delighted to find myself bitten by this running bug, and someday may even become a real runner.

Eating the rainbow today:
R strawberries (sour, end of the season)
O carrot sticks
Y pineapple chunks
G grilled zucchini in my salad
BIV grilled eggplant in my salad, frozen blackberries

Tomorrw is First Fridays in Venice, where a whole bunch of LA gourmet food trucks convene and we can hit them all up in one fun location. This month I've got a my crosshairs pointed at the Crepes Bonaparte truck and the grilled cheese truck. I've got a fistfull of cash and I'm ready to binge!

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