Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's Too Hot To Run

Sep 28, 2010 6:42 PM

Summer is in now in full swing in SoCal, finally, with record breaking heat waves. Problem is that SoCal just doesn't know how to do extreme weather. They say Angelenos can't drive in the rain, and this is absolutely true. The reason for this is that we are so unaccustomed to having rain fall here that we go on about our drives as if the rain weren't pouring down diminishing our visibility and making the roads slick. You can expect a minimum of an hour added to your usual commute time when it rains due to all the car accidents.

Similarly in the extreme heat, people think they can go on about their regular business and are shocked when all the airconditioners working overtime simultaneously will cause power outages around the city.

Or, like me, will get outside to run and be totally dumbfounded when we realize it just is physically impossible to run in this heat when you're not acclimated to it. You just can't, you will die.

I've been feeling a litte run down since my Half marathon on Saturday. Throat felt raw and my knees were achy. Sunday was a rest day which helped some. Sunday tagged Monday as a rest day and that helped a little more. But now it's Tuesday and I NEED TO RUN. In addition, I've recruited some friends to take up running again and will have company for my upcoming races. I need to make sure I'm not left too far behind.

But did I mention it's too hot to run?

So I had to pull a Moonstruck Cher today and slap myself to 'snap out of it'. I finally made up my mind to drive to the gym to do a few miles just to loosen up and I'm so glad I did. When do I ever regret a run? Never. I had a great tread mill workout in an air-conditioned gym.

4 miles, 37:38

It may not be much compared to some, and maybe even not much compared to what I've done before, but there is something about running that makes me feel like I'm Superwoman. Makes me feel like I accomplished something. I ran 4 miles today...in 38 minutes. I love saying that. Swimming or biking might have the same effect for me but neither of those activities are as convenient as running. I'll stick to running.

How did your run make you feel today?

Eating the rainbow today:
R-strawberries, tomatoes and marnara sauce
G-spinach, lettuce, cucumbers
BIV-blueberries, eggplant in the marinara

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