Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Saturday, October 16, 2010

In Bart I Trust

Sep 23, 2010 6:07 PM

Today was week 3 of the Yasso 800's. This means I am up to 6 Yassos now. I vaguely recall mentioning in an earlier post that they were kinda easy. Today Bart himself reached his hand through my treadmill and slapped me upside the head for thinking that they were easy. Today the Yasso's weren't that easy, no not easy at all. But I perservered through it, and now they're behind me until next week.

1x800 4:17
2x800 4:13
3x800 4:17
4x800 4:20
5x800 4:20
6x800 4:00- just wanted to get it over with already

Average pace was 7mph and 7.5mph for that last 800. And I felt great afterwards although my knees sometimes feel like they belong on an 80 year old woman instead of a not-yet-40 year old one. But I'm still following the pied piper. Still trusting what Bart says about me running my first marathon in a sub 4:30 time.
Tomorrow is another rest day and then Saturday morning I'm running the Say No to Drugs Half Marathon at the Rose Bowl.

While I loooove baseball and my LA Dodgers I am yet one more girl that is just not into football. HOWEVER, I once had the opportunity to visit the UCLA football locker rooms at the Rose Bowl and walk through the team tunnels and onto the grass and it was....very cool.

Unfortunately it was an experience wasted on me. The entire time I was there I was thinking of a dozen other people I knew off the bat who would have appreciated that whole thing.

It would be fun to get to do that again on Saturday but I'm not not holding out any hope.

Are you fall races coming up and/or done? Are you ready??

Eating the Rainbow today:
R grape tomatoes
O carrot sticks
Y nothing yet
G romaine & spinach salad
BIV grilled eggplant and frozen blackberrie

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