Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Day of Rest

Sep 22, 2010 1:20 PM

Sunday is my rest day. This past Sunday the Puff and I went to church in the morning, then to my brother's house for Sunday Linner, laid around his house all afternoon, ate up all the brownies and monopolized his 70" television with 10,000 HD channels until we were asked to leave. Sundays are great.

BUT Sundays inevitably lead to Mondays. The Day of Rest melts into DayS of Rest and Mondays become a no-running day more often than not.

Ahh, but Tuesdays! Now Tuesdays is where it's AT!! By Tuesday morning I can.not.wait. to start running again and yesterday was no different. I couldn't wait to hit the Greenway Trail:

the most scenic part of the trail is on the bridge overlooking the traffic below.

While every other part of the country is experiencing the change of seasons with all the pretty colors of Autumn, the only indication I have that the seasons are changing is that Starbucks brings back the Pumpkin Spice latte. In SoCal, it always looks like this on my running route.

Yesterday's run was a 5 mile tempo. It was one of those runs that felt pretty dang great from start to finish. The kind of run that makes you feel like, "Yeah, that's right. I can do this. It's easy. I'm THAT good."

Honestly, I'm not sure what tempo means, or why it's called tempo. I am a fairly new runner and the words I've been learning in runnerland--well, I need an entire dictionary just for running terms. I believe a tempo run is one that you do slightly faster than your marathon pace. While I don't know my marathon pace because I've never run a marathon I aim to run my first marathon in 4:30 or less or a sub 10 minute mile pace. Yesterday's run went like this:

Mile 1 10:09

Mile 2 10:02

Mile 3 9:36

Mile 4 9:25

Mile 5 9:30

I'm almost certain the above numbers mean I had mostly 'negative splits' which is a positive thing in the running world. So confusing.

After work the Puff, the Pug and I went for a bike ride on my Greenway Trail. Not much "green" on the Greenway Trail. But at least we don't have to dodge cars most of the way.

The Puff sat on her bike and pretended to move her feet on the pedals while I was bent over wogging, pushing her bike with one hand on her handlebars and the other holding Pete's leash for the entire 2 miles up and back along the trail. A bonus 4 miles logged for me!

The Puff spotted this "jungle" during the ride and wanted a picture of herself with the "jungle". We really need to get her out of the city more often.

Today's workout is cross training. Tomorrow is #6 YASSO'S! Looking forward to it!

Are you EXCITED about your workout?

Eating the rainbow today:
R-grape tomatoes in my cous cous
O-nectarines in my yogurt
G-artichoke hearts in my cous cous
BIV-eggplant marinara over grilled chicken breast for dinner tonight.

Are you eating your rainbow today?

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