Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Saturday, October 16, 2010

And Another One Down and Another One Down

Oct 7, 2010 2:06 AM

Another week's Yasso workout bites the dust. Today was #8. !!! I felt strong throughout the set, which ended at 5.75 miles but I walked another .25 miles so that I could add an even 6 miles to TallMomontheRun's October Challenge.

I'm looking forward to finishing this series up in the next two weeks and then starting a new set of Yasso's at a slightly faster pace. Is it bad luck to be thinking that far ahead? I can't help it, but hope I'm not jinxing myself. If I can pick up the pace in another set of 10 Yassos, I may start to feel more comfortable with expecting myself to hit my dream marathon time of 4:30. Those recovery laps really help to mentally get through the 1/2 mile intervals. As you run, you're thinking "I can't hold this pace" but the beauty is you don't have to because you're going to be taking a break in just a little while. This stuff is brilliant.

In between those last two Yasso's I'll be running the Long Beach Half Marathon October 17th. I can't wait to run this race!

I am more excited than nervous about this one because this is my home turf. I know this city. I own this city. :) Having lived here for many years, especially when I was young and single and lived in the downtown area where this route runs, I feel a powerful sense of belonging to this city. I've walked, run, biked, bussed, taxi'd these streets for 20 years. I think many people who live here feel the same sense of belonging. I've been in various parts of the country, have randomly bumped into people from Long Beach and the conversation ALWAYS goes like this:

#1 Where in Long Beach do you/did you live?
#2 We have an apartment at 1st and Alamitos
#1 Oh, really? I live at 3rd and Cherry. We eat at that SuperMex on 1st and Alamitos all the time.
#2 We love SuperMex! We're friends of the owners.
#1 We know the owners too! I went to high school with their daughter.
#2 I am thier daughter's god mother!

Or some variation of the above. Seven Degrees of separation are reduced to only 1 degree if you live in Long Beach. In a city of half a million people, that's pretty impressive. Running through my old neighborhoods should be fun and nostalgic.

Tonight we went out to see another independent movie, Kings of Pastry. It's documentary about another type of marathon, a 3-day PASTRY marathon in France where the winners are awarded the highest honor of the pastry world. A pastry olympics (does that sound like an oxymoron?) of sorts which made the Food Network's "challenges" look like kindergarten play.

Great documentary, catch it if you can (and if you're into that sort of thing). I always love a night out during the middle of week, don't you? I hope your week is going just the way you want it to.

Eating the Rainbow today:
R grape tomatoes
O peach slices
Y ?? Missed this one today. Does popcorn count?
G Artichokes and baby broccoli
BIV figs, yummm

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