Saturday, August 29, 2015

Two Steps Forward, Zero Steps Back!

It's another good week for the record books. I'm especially happy with a couple of things this week:

1. School is in full swing and the Puff and I have established a solid rhythm.   We've fine tuned bedtime so that she's waking up on her own every morning with No struggles!!

All summer the Puff was staying up super late--later than even me--and waking her up everyday for day camp was a nightmare. She fell asleep in the car every time we went anywhere. What a difference a couple of hours sleep makes! 
That's a huge sanity saver for a single mom. I hate it when I get frustrated (like in the mornings when we're rushing to get out the door) and end up yelling at her. My heart goes out to this kid who doesn't have another parent around regularly to run interference when mom Is frazzled.  Really trying to be better at this and certainly her getting enough sleep is totally helping on that front
BD is around a lot--thankfully we get along and can be around each other for the Puff. We had dinner at Chili's last night before he took her to his house to spend the night. But since we're not together he's not around day in and day out for all that other stuff. 

2. Getting out to run for three days this week (and last week). Huge accomplishment!! I'd like to work up to four days of running per week but I'm not going to pooh-pooh this progress. 

It's been humid humid humid here for several weeks. I guess my body & mind finally decided to just accept it and allowed me to get out to run. 

Plus it doesn't hurt to have a really awesome friend who loves to run at 5:30am.....on a Saturday. Every freaking Saturday. I'm so lucky....ugh. Hahaha

But I definitely need to work up to four runs a week. I'm not completely sure why I "need" to do this but four runs seems like it's better than three. 
Now the Puff a and I are gearing up for a fun weekend in San Diego with my sister. 

Hope your weekend is awesome!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Tentative confidence

I go through phases where I just don't feel like running. It's easy for me to become disheartened when my running isn't where I think it should be. But deep down, and at very particular times (like when I show up to spectate a race and feel terrible regret that I'm not in it) I know I AM a runner. And that I need to get running again. 

But there's been a lot of extra stuff happening around here the past week & a half and not so much running.

There's been:
Summer nights in Chinatown:

 A few Dodger games with a few of my favorite people.

The unofficial end of summer, starting 4th grade. Yikes

But in the midst of this I've also managed to sneak in some great-ish runs this week!! And I'm tentatively confident about this. It's been a minute since I ran 3 times in one week!

I feel like there is still some streak left in me, so here's to another great week.  Happy Monday!