Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Monday & Weigh In Update

Once again I'm (literally) running a day late! My Sunday long run happened on Memorial Day Monday instead. Monday morning I slept in for as long as I could, and when I finally ran out of excuses to avoid running, I got out of bed and set off for an 8 mile run that would take me past my usual pedestrian bridge turnaround and deep into uncharted neighborhoods. 
Since I wasn't rushed, I remembered to bring money for the hash browns, bacon, eggs & whatever else they have at this place that I've passed/smelled a million times but have never entered. Except they were closed today for the holiday. Womp womp. 

 This mental health hospital 2 cities over from where I live has always intrigued me because it looks like a setting for a Stephen King book. I'm always craning my neck to stare at it whenever I happen to drive by, as if I'd catch Nurse Ratched chasing someone through the yard or something. Well, on my run today, I was  actually right up close to the mental hospital, WHEN ALL OF  A SUDDEN nothing exciting happened. I really don't know what I was expecting... 

 Eight miles run and done, although at a super slow pace. I need to get some confidence back this week, hopefully doing some speed work will do the trick.
After my run, I took a jar over to the Mexican street fruit vendor near my house. These little fruit vendor carts are awesome. They chop up all kinds of yummy fruit for you into bite size pieces, sprinkle it all with lime juice and chile sauce and then charge pennies for it! Since I was planning on indulging myself later today so I wanted to eat something light but filling. This was perfect!

After a quick shower, INDULGE is exactly what I did! My friend Val & I had plans to go to the Dodger game but first we stopped at a little place in LA near the stadium for a pre-game BBQ feast. We went to the Spring St Smokehouse. It was filled to capacity with people in (Dodger) Blue. I am so glad that I have saved my diet "cheat" days for times that are truly worth it. This was one of those times. 

Cornbread, mac n cheese, ribs, brisket, pulled pork....but I was pretty much hooked as soon as I saw this on the table:
 I never ever ever eat cheap white bread like this. Like since I was a kid I haven't eaten this stuff. And you know what? It is absolutely DEVINE. 

The Dodger game was definitely the highlight of the weekend. Last' night's giveaway: a Tommy Lasorda Garden Gnome. Gaaah! 
 Tommy Lasorda as a gnome...that connection is so obvious, how did it take this long to think of it?

The Dodgers beat the Braves last night 6-2. Perfect end to a great weekend. 

WEIGHT LOSS UPDATE: my weekly weigh-in on Sunday was 167.8 so I'm down a pound from last week. I know it's good news but the secret saboteur in me isn't all that impressed since I felt my weight last week was artificially high because I had eaten that cronut. 
We'll see how it goes this week. If I lose again next week, then I'll be convinced my efforts are in fact being rewarded.

 I was out running errands and saw this powdered donut someone had littered in the parking lot by my car. For real, I actually thought for a minute about picking it up and eating it. It looked perfectly fine, except that it was TRASH on the GROUND! UGH...#fatgirlproblems

Hope your week is off to a great start! 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

If I didn't spend all my money on running gear...

Don't know why but I haven't been out on the Sparkpeople site in forever. Back in my Weight Watcher days I was on this site every single day and now that I'm on this little Weight Loss Challenge at work it's like I'm visiting with an old friend! 

Here's an article about how to stay full longer. Spoiler alert: the answer is to eat more fruits & veggies! 
Hmmm...come to think of it, this may be exactly why I gave up Sparkpeople. Fruits & veggies...how obvious. I'm still on the look out for the weight loss site that says I need to eat more CRONUTS. 

On the running front, today's run was really yesterday's run that is one day late. I took my run today mid-day since the sky was totally overcast and the weather was cool (upper 60's). I didn't bring any water with me, and was SO GLAD to have come across this baby right at mile 1:

Once again I ran out of sidewalk, but found it on the other side after cutting through the tennis court. 

One of the great things about running through residential neighborhoods is that I can pick up some great curb appeal ideas for my own house. This is  one idea that is probably not going to make it onto my wish list: 
Doesn't everybody have a putting green in the front yard? 

This one was another slow run for me. I finished 4 miles at a 12:25 min/mile pace. I wonder why it was possible for me to run so much faster just a few days ago but this week my legs are all of a sudden filled with lead. So frustrating. 
What's there to do except to keep on keeping on? One of these days another great run will happen and when it does I'll enjoy every single step of it. That is the beauty of running.  

After work I picked up some "healthy" snacks and went over to a friend's house. 

I hadn't seen S in a long time and I stayed way too late grazing on veggies & strawberries, catching up and drooling over her new Loubs.

Sometimes I wish I spent less money on running gear.